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Agenda 21 & The Triple Bottom Line
By: Darin Moser   August 15th, 2011

The Triple Bottom Line

A sinister new ideology known as “Sustainable Development” has emerged in the minds of many of our nation’s leaders. As average Americans have gone about living their lives, working and playing, growing their families, and building their homes, this new philosophy has become a constantly growing motivation in the minds of those who sit in positions of power and influence around the United States and the world.  Sustainable Development is a theory of resource management and control that was birthed within the minds of the United Nations and was originally defined in a UN commissioned report called “Our Common Future” in 1987. At the core of the “Sustainable Development” philosophy lies the desire to see the demise of our current economic and political structures and the replacement of these with sustainable and manageable solutions based around a variety of collectivist, social engineering schemes.  As Sustainable Development grows, alongside it grow policies such as Agenda 21 and The Earth Charter that strive to completely alter the very dreams and futures that each individual American has worked so hard to build. The fundamentals of Sustainable Development, known as the three pillars of sustainability, the three E’s or the “triple bottom line” are directly opposed to those values of traditional American capitalism and self determination. This “triple bottom line” idea of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is at odds with the ideas and values that we have taught in America since the very founding of this nation.

So you may ask, what is the triple bottom line exactly? The “triple bottom line” calls for the linking of environmental concerns, the economy, and social equity together when determining the sustainability of all development that takes place within a community; with the perfect harmony of all three areas representing an ideal sustainable, livable balance. This means that all development that takes place within a community that is living under the “triple bottom line” system must be harmoniously balanced to benefit the greater “common” good of society. Therefore if a developer, businessman, or landowner wants to start a project but fails to achieve this ideal balance in his plans then the project is deemed unsustainable and penalized, or disallowed by regulatory authorities who are enforcing the “triple bottom line” regimen. 

This goes far beyond just land use or housing issues to cover virtually every aspect of life. In many areas we see the normal exercise of the free market being “planned” right out of existence in the pursuit of socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economically just results. For example in the food industry we see this in the government promotion and public-private incentivizing of “sustainable agriculture” and ideas like food deserts, food justice, and socially equitable food distribution. In housing we see the almost universal pursuit of smart growth and livable, walk-able, compact, high density, mixed used development emerging in our communities comprehensive and land use plans. In community development we see the language of healthy, resilient communities, combating obesity, walking and biking, alternative modes of transportation and responsible consumption.

These are just a few areas of life where the triple bottom line is being used to promote social, environmental, and economically leftist control and manipulation tactics.

I would encourage everyone to read closely through their local comprehensive, master, or sustainability plans to see if the triple bottom line is being applied in your community. You may find references to the “triple bottom line” directly or by any of its alternate names and descriptions which include the 3E’s,(Economy, Environment, Equity)  the 3P’s (People, Planet, Profit) and “3BL”. The triple bottom line is also represented in graphic form by the following symbol:

The Triple Bottom Line
Capitalism in the USA is currently under a major attack. It is being dilluted with a new philosophy known by several different names. These names include "The Triple Bottom Line", "the 3 E's", or "the 3 P's".

If you have researched Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development for very long at all then you have probably seen this symbol many, many times. It is used on numerous sites promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development and Agenda 21.

To combat this socialist behavioral engineering system it is important to remember that we have a voice and that we can and must speak up and inform folks about what is going on. For many of us who are over thirty years old, America in our current day can sometimes be confusing. After all, it was not so long ago that school children were still proudly taught about America’s greatness, that she was the land of the free and the home of the brave and most importantly a “shining city on a hill” set apart as a beacon of freedom that lit up a world filled with the hopelessness and darkness of tyranny. In those days patriotism was heartfelt and stirred from deep within. This is a reality that as a nation we must once again return to and embrace and that parents and teachers must teach to our children. Both young and old alike across this land once knew and stood fast to this truth that in America, things were different, and if you worked hard and applied yourself there was no limit to the goals and dreams you could accomplish, after all, that was and for many of us still is the American Dream and the real bottom line.

Sustainable Development, it is a movement with political goals, that has achieved an enormous amount while being largely portrayed as altruistic. I would encourage everyone to research the worldview and beliefs that lie behind this positive “green” spin. For more information I would invite each of you to visit my news blog about the issue of Sustainable Development at Thank you.

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