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Sustainable Development: The Loathsome Lie

by Darin Moser   September 21st, 2015


We are at a critical moment in human history and Biblical revelation. Ravening wolves even now are gathering, readying for plunder and destruction. In a few short days on September 25th, leaders from around the world, including the Pope will join at the United Nations in New York City to place their seal of approval on a newly realized set of global Sustainable Development goals. These goals are detailed here:

These goals are NOT as they seem. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. In the days ahead these goals will be lauded by many, especially those who are in positions of great authority and popular celebrity. They will be promoted across many venues and media outlets of our culture with dazzling advertising campaigns and marketing techniques. You will be asked to share them, post them, read them, talk about them, and ultimately stand with them in allegiance. The calculated plan is that the entire population of seven billion global citizens will learn of the goals within the seven days immediately following their endorsement by the world's leaders. This marketing effort is called "Project Everyone" you can read more about it here:

These goals are merely the latest effort in the continnuation of a broad spectrum, decades long push to bring the world into submission under the power and influence of a new transformational worldview. Initially advanced in the late 1980's by the United Nations and other globalist organizations who yearn for a one world order or world government, Sustainable Development is a political philosophy that proposes to balance and distribute the world's resources equitably for the greater common good. However in actuality this philosophy is nothing more than a Trojan horse for a plethora of destructive, anti-American, anti-Christian beliefs including socialism, Earth worship, and population control. 

When you hear of these Sustainable Development goals, please look deeper and investigate beyond the carefully crafted public relations front. Everything you hear about the goals will be promoted as utopian, warm, benevolent and for the betterment of all people. How else, than with a manufactured masquerade could they garner the public's acceptance of their plan.

Underlying these goals, when you scrape beneath the well-polished varnish of eradicating poverty, climate change and wealth inequality, is a dark and tyrannical agenda rooted in a kind of humanist, pagan, pseudo-spiritual movement that seeks no less than full control of all mankind and redistribution of all wealth and resources globally at every level of society. As the proponents of  Sustainable Development promote these goals they will belittle those who challenge them with truth. In the name of gods they will reject God and they will feign spirituality while mocking the Holy Spirit.

As American's we must stand for truth in the face of lies and awaken our fellow citizen to the coming foe. As a great American patriot once took to steed and rallied across the countryside, we must cry out the alert as freedom and the very idea of America now faces perhaps it's greatest threat.

This is the reality of Sustainable Development and the continuation of Agenda 21. This is the next plunging slip toward the pit and miry, muck of one world, one people globalism. As this evil encroaches many will be led astray, lured by clever marketing schemes to embrace the very system that desires to steal their freedom and imprison them in the chains of tyranny. 
You may ask, what are we dealing with here exactly? Well let's just say that the worldview/philosophy/political system known as Sustainable Development has been around under that particular name since the late 1980's but what we are actually talking about is something much, much older than that...a miserable, defunct, failed idea...a loathsome lie that really goes all the way back to the foundation of the world and the Garden of Eden... Creator or creation, which will mankind worship and serve?

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Sustainable Development, is an anti-liberty movement with political goals, that is advancing the cause of a UN, socialistic, eco-utopian, New World Order while being largely portrayed as altruistic. I would encourage everyone to research the worldview and beliefs that lie behind this positive “green” spin.
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